Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit?
We believe in following recommended guidelines and procedures. Rules may be put in place by the city and county ordinances to require a permit. We are happy to handle the procedure of attaining this permit on your behalf as a part of our services.
Does my HOA need to approve of my fence?
Your neighborhood Home Owners Association will need to approve of your fence. We reach out to HOA’s for you and obtain permission for fencing. This process may take up to 30 days to be approved.
What forms of payment does C&S Fences accept?
C&S Fences accepts all forms of payment, including Mastercard and Visa.
Where do your vinyl and aluminum fences come from?
We proudly feature our vinyl and aluminum fence products from Hudson Fence Supply.
How long will the fence installation take?
A typical wood fence requires two days to build. The cement footings that anchor the posts need to properly set, which can sometimes take a few days. We work hard to ensure your fence is done to the highest standard and as soon as possible.
Can I build a fence on easement that is with in my property?
Most fences are able to be built on easement, however each case is looked at individually. We are happy to assist you with the special permitting that must be filed to gain approval.
If my neighbor has an existing fence do I need to build a separate one?
Normally this is not necessary. Often homeowner associations require fencing to be placed on the property line and shared.